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Spartan ds760 - Simply the best.

most versatile high end 3D gyro seen to date - the Spartan ds760 gyro This is how we do it :) Get Smart CSM CarbSmart - Forget the needles and fly
It just doesn't get any better than this... Twisters FunFly 2007
T.Dot Smack 2007
T.Dot Smack 2007 Miniature Aircraft's HOT new successor to the Ion-X, the 12S powered Ion-X2 The Hot Setups - EVO / DX7 powered 'Rex600's and Ion-X's JR DSM2 w/ AR9000 in da house :)
Futaba debuts it's 2.4Ghz spread spectrum products You've gotta go for the GOLD Looking down the business end of the Beast Ion-X #1 at the 2004 IRCHA Jamboree Futaba's 14mz and Spektrum's awesome new DX7 2.4Ghz spread spectrum system Align RC's new torque tube upgrade for the TRex-600 Avant RC's Programmable Rotor head
clutch Yeah baby! 2 Remote mixture control on the Aurora Ultimate Synergy Helicopter's recently released N9 !! Next generation CarbonXtreme's soon to be released Aurora Ultimate hits Canada
The next generation... It was the GREATEST Heli Event in Ontario EVER!! The GREATEST Heli Event in Ontario EVER!! Thunder Power's 3C capable TP1010c charger w/ optional TP210v balancer Extreme 3D IRCHA 2005 double DVD One of the most highly anticipated helis of all time - the Synergy N9
Hey David, here're your white gears - don't try this at home kids Futaba 14mz - "feel the difference"
Category 5 Category 5 3rd ANNUAL TORONTO R/C HELI CLUB 2-DAY FUNFLY SAL and Sluggo square off 29.May.04 - Tri-City Twisters "Spring Spin-Up" - Guelph, Ontario Miniature Aircraft's new high performance electric heli - the Fury Ion-X Team Bob00 at the 2004 Toledo Show!
Midwest 3D Challenge - 2004 Extreme 3D - IRCHA 2003 DVD Lithium power!! Sluggo gets comfortable with his new heli - looking good Under the hood of the Miniature Aircraft Fury Ion Prototype Toronto R/C Club Helicopter Fall Finale - lots of flying and lots of easygoing fun James Oneil and Steve, the OMI (Viperhead) guys
2003 - 10th Annual IRCHA Jamboree - Canadians in the house!! 2003 - 10th Annual IRCHA Jamboree - Canadians in the house!! Arden of A&J Hobbies during his awesome on-the-deck 3D demo flight Crazy, isn't it? ...and these are just the ones that looked alike today. A few of the Team Bob00 choppers 2nd Annual Mid America Fun Fly ROCKED!!
This is how we do it - Mille's and Fury's RULE again this season The Crew - Kevin "rappy112", David "rappyfly", Chris "sluggo" Mr. J.K. Painting himself - Jeff Key The new 3D King? This is David "RappyFly" Chu...

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Toronto R/C Helicopter Club

Toronto's BIGGEST and best heli only club - we like to call it home.
The field is located on the south-east corner of McCowan Road and Elgin Mills Road, Markham Ontario. It's opposite the Markham Fairgrounds. The entrance is just south of the intersection on McCowan Road - have a look.

For you guys using GPS systems or MapQuest (, the GPS co-ords are...
    Latitude:    43 deg 55' 10" North    or     43 deg 55' 10"
    Longitude:  79 deg 17' 41" West      or    -79 deg 17' 41"

Here are some local area maps...

Sponsored by...


One of the best flying fields in the Toronto area. Airplanes, helicopters, gliders - you name it we fly it. Also the only fully integrated fixed wing/rotary wing field I know of in Toronto. Click here for details.

Toronto R/C Helicopter Association

The West End club - 401 & Mississagua Rd.

Here's a map...
wpe1.gif (5011 bytes)

This is a real small group, so make sure that you get in touch with someone before going out or else chances are you'll be all on your own. Closest hobby store is...

Tri-City Twisters

The Kitchener Guys -  host to some of the best events in Southern Ontario - well supported by team Canada's Steve & Scott Gray. Click here for details. Closest hobby store is...




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